Wood Species & Availability

Select Premium Standard Normal Paint Grade Paint Only Rustic Knotty Quarter Sawn Rift Sawn
Hard MapleNoNoNo
Soft MapleNoNoNo
Red OakYesYesYes
White OakNoYesYes
Product & Material Specs

Grading Standards & Natural Wood Characteristics

  • Select Grade:

    Wood will be selected for the best color for the species of wood selected. Color and grain matching will be done throughout the order in order to provide a more uniform look. Select material will exhibit fewer and smaller mineral streaks as well as pin knots, than our standard grade. Advantage cabinet Doors recommends our Select grade woods be utilized on products with a light stain or natural finish.

  • Standard Grade:

    Our Standard grade material is designed to provide a product that displays the natural characteristics of the wood species, while limiting those characteristics found to be less desirable. Our goal is to provide a sensible product that will meet most applications at a reasonable cost.

    Generally speaking, our Standard grade will blend color and grain, while allowing character marks such as mineral streaks and pin knots in limited size and quantity. Modest variations in color and grain are considered allowable. Our Standard grade will work well with most finishes, although light and natural finishes will tend to intensify color and grain differences.

  • Red Oak Only (Standard Grade):

    Material used in our Red Oak standard grade would not meet our Select or Standard grade. All characteristics of Red Oak are allowable, including variations in heartwood and sapwood on the face of the product. Pin knots, gum pockets and larger mineral streaks are also allowable. Color and grain match is not considered during the manufacturing process.

  • Paint Grade:

    This is our most economical material grade (Normally Poplar or Soft Maple wood), this will typically include any natural characteristics commonly found in this species. Heartwood, sapwood, sound knots and other wood characteristics are considered acceptable and staves will not be color/grain matched. All sound knots will be puttied so as to provide a smooth, paintable finish.

  • Rustic:

    All naturally occurring characteristics of the wood selected are considered allowable (This grade is normally used for Hickory, Pine, and Alder woods - each of these woods have a very beautiful, natural look in their 'Rustic' form). Knots may be a variety of sizes and may be both sound and unsound. Characteristics such as worm tracks/holes, ingrown bark and split/open knots are considered acceptable and will not be puttied.

  • Flat Panel Doors & Drawer Fronts:

    All of our ¼” panels have an “A” grade face with a "B" grade back (unless otherwise determined by the material grade) with a MDF core. This provides a much better product to finish and helps eliminate the rattle found in plywood core doors.

This document last modified: July 4, 2012