Advantage Cabinet Doors warrants all manufactured products for one year from date of shipment. This warranty is good for the construction of all products manufactured by Advantage Cabinet Doors with the following exceptions:

  • Doors over 20" wide and 45" in height and slab drawer fronts over 30" in width and 12" in height are not guaranteed against warpage.
  • Doors less than 20" wide and 45" in height and slab drawer fronts less than 30" in width and 12" in height are warranted against warpage of more .25".
  • Flat panel and frame only doors less than 20" wide and less than 40" are warranted against warpage of more than .25".

Advantage Cabinet Doors is not liable for damages caused by improper handling or storage. This warranty does not cover any problems related to customer neglect including, but not limited to: storing of unfinished product over an extended time, customer unavailable when product delivered (i.e. left outside per customer instructions) and inadequate surface prep (including sanding). All shortages, incorrect sizes and damage due to shipping must be reported within 5 working days of shipment/ pickup date.

Mitered Doors

Mitered doors allow a .10 tolerance gap on the inside bead. Mitered products are not warranted against joint failure that occurs as a result of exposure to high humidity or excessive moisture.

Finished Products

Advantage Cabinet Doors’ finished products carry a one year warranty against blistering, peeling and cracking. Since most finishes tend to exhibit slight changes in color over time, natural discoloration is not covered by the warranty.

Advantage Cabinet Doors is not responsible for color match or damages when finish is applied by the customer. Several wood species, Cherry in particular, exhibit a tendency to naturally darken with age due to oxidation. Advantage Cabinet Doors is not liable for this change in appearance whether the product was provided in a finished or unfinished state. Due to the fact that veneer will absorb stain differently than solid wood, the center panel of veneered panel doors and plywood are not guaranteed to match solid wood framing on the same door.

Doors constructed from paint grade materials or any doors that have been either painted by us or you are NOT warranted against cracks in the framing joints or visible glue lines in solid wood panels caused by natural expansion or contraction of raised panels. This is why we always recommend an engineered board such as High Density MDF for any paint grade panel because it will look good for much longer than a solid wood panel (No glue lines or shrinkage/expansion will occur) on any MDF panels when they have been painted.

Product Replacement

This warranty covers replacement of the products only. Shipping costs are NOT included with this warranty. Advantage Cabinet Doors will assume no responsibility for damage due to customer error or neglect. Additional material costs, labor, installation costs and/or travel costs, as well as related expenditures are not covered by this warranty.

Wood Characteristics

Characteristics that are naturally occurring within the wood that fall within Advantage Cabinet Doors' specifications are not considered to be defects. This may include mineral deposits, sap, burls, pin knots, gum pockets, etc. Please correctly choose the 'grade' of wood that you wish your order to be made from. Please refer to our specie & grading information standards for a detailed explanation of how to choose the correct specie and grade of wood for your project.

Finishing Requirements & Product Storage

All un-finished solid wood or ply-wood products that are purchased from Advantage Cabinet Doors must be finished (painted or stained) within a two (2) week time frame after receiving the product. Additionally, products must NOT be stored in the garage or outdoors in any form or fashion. All wood products must be stored in a climate controlled environment (between 60° - 80° F); preferably somewhere in-doors while they are awaiting either paint or stain. You are required to follow these guidelines or your product warranty will be considered null and void.

This document last modified: July 4, 2012