Product Lead Times

Our lead-times on mortise and tenon doors and standard unfinished products are typically completed within 7-10 working days of the original order.

Finished products are typically completed in no more than 12-14 working days of the original order.

Specialty products such as mitered or applied molding doors, alterations to standard designs and volume orders may require additional time. Please contact your customer service representative for lead-time information on these products.

Lead-times are based on normal business days, excluding weekends, company holidays and closure due to acts of God. Quoted lead-times are simply a guideline and are not guaranteed, as factors such as order volume, material availability and capacity constraints which can impact total lead-time.

Please review your order acknowledgement for your actual lead-time.

Orders received prior to 9:00 a.m. CST will be submitted to production that same day and their lead-time will begin at that time. Orders submitted after 9:00 a.m. CST will have their lead-time begin on the following day.

Rush Orders

Our rush order program is designed to assist our customers in urgent situations where product is needed to complete a job. We currently have the following rush order program available to you:

  • Standard Rush Order: Orders will typically ship in half of the products’ normal lead-time, although this is dependent upon order size, product type, and complexity. Please consult with your customer service representative for all relevant up-charges associated with rushed orders. Finished products may be rushed also.

To calculate your expedited lead-time, add one week to the unfinished products expedited lead-time that you have selected.

Expedited charges are applied prior to any shipping, handling or taxation charges that apply.

Note: Advantage Cabinet Doors reserves the right to increase or decrease its standard rush order charges without prior notice and as it deems necessary. The rush order program is NOT guaranteed available to you. Depending on our current work-load volume and staffing requirements the rush order program may or may not be available at the time of your request.

Please refer to the table below for a better explanation of our product lead times.

Product Lead Times (Working Days)
Product Type Lead Times
Doors & Drawer Fronts - Unfinished
Standard Doors & Drawer Fronts 7 - 10 days
Mitered Doors & Drawer Fronts 12 - 14 days
Modified Door Styles, Applied Molding, etc. 15 + days
MDF Doors & Drawer Fronts 7 - 10 days
Specialty Doors, Large End Panels, Wainscot Panels 12 - 14 days
Finished Products (Painted or Stained)
Standard Finishes Normal lead times + 5 days
Complex finishes (Glazing, Distressing, etc.) Normal lead times + 7 days
Specialty Products
Drawer Boxes - Finished 12 - 14 days
Drawer Boxes - Unfinished 7 - 10 days
Moldings 10 days
Veneer - Unfinished 10 days
Veneer - Finished 14 days
Corbels, table legs, etc. 14 days
Hardware (Knobs, Pulls, etc.) * 5 - 7 days
* Note: Some hardware can have really long lead times while many others have very short lead times. Please inquire with your customer service representative today regarding the different lead times on various brands of cabinetry hardware.

This document last modified: July 3, 2012