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Advantage Cabinet Doors History

In 1991, Triangle Cabinetry & Design, a small custom cabinet cabinet shop, was started in West Point, MS. The cabinet shop's goal was to deliver an incredibly high quality custom cabinet with unparalleled customer service to the people of the Golden Triangle area. With this vision in mind, it did not take very long before they had a strong reputation in the cabinetry business for delivering a quality product in a timely fashion with excellent customer service. However, this also meant a very rapid growth of their business. From the very beginning they realized the need to make their own cabinet doors in order to provide the level of quality and service their reputation was built on and that their customers had come to expect from them. Fast forward to 1998 and the custom cabinet business had grown strong enough that Triangle was not only producing cabinet doors for themselves, but had also started producing cabinet doors for other cabinet shops as a result of the company's reputation for outstanding quality and service. This led to the birth of a new division of the company, Triangle Components & Doors. Triangle Components & Doors's business continued growing from year to year as a direct result of word-of-mouth advertising and the reputation of delivering a high quality product within a timely fashion. In 2005 the original owner sold the business to its current owners and the company name was changed to Advantage Cabinet Doors. The same vision, quality standards, and customer service remain the foundation of Advantage Cabinet Doors even today. We still employ many of the same employees from the original company, including some of the founding family members. Our everyday goal is to ensure our customers are extremely pleased with the quality of our product as well as the level of service we provide to them.
Advantage Cabinet Door Plant

Pursuit of Perfection

At Advantage Cabinet Doors our pursuit of perfection is relentless. Whether it be constantly looking for new ways to make our processes more efficient or increase the quality of our product, we are constantly trying to improve the product that we sell to our customers. In fact, many times we have had to stop ourselves and realize that we are only human and the products we primarily sell to our customers (wood products) have many imperfections of their own. If we didn't frequently step back and remind ourselves of these facts, we might not be able to produce our products in a timely fashion because we find that we always try to make every little detail perfect for our customers. It is a constant battle that we wage on a daily basis for our customers... striving for perfection of the products that we manufacture while still delivering those products in a timely fashion.

Why Choose us?

We will always go above and beyond the call-of-duty for our customers. After all, if it weren't for you, our customer, we wouldn't even exist. Additionally, we have some product features that we feel make our product much better than many of our competitors:
  • Solid Wood: All of our doors and drawer fronts are true 3/4" thick solid wood.
  • Exact Sizes: The dimensions (sizes) of our doors will always be within our guaranteed 1/16" tolerance. We will always strive for a tolerance with 1/32", however, 1/16" is guaranteed.*
  • Quality Control: Every single door that is manufactured in our facility must pass multiple quality control checkpoints including one very strict quality control checkpoint during the packaging/shipping process. This also includes multiple, random checks from the company owners as they pass through the production facility repeatedly during the course of a day.
  • Sanding: Our doors are both machine sanded and hand sanded! Each door and drawer front is sanded to either 150 grit on painted products or 220 grit on stained products, inspected under black light stations for glue residue, and meticulously inspected for defects before it is packaged and shipped to the customer.
  • 100% USA Made: All of our products are made in the USA, right here in our production facilities located in West Point, MS. We are very proud to say that none of our wood products are outsourced from anywhere! We buy our solid wood and plywood lumbers from local hardwood suppliers such as Weyerhaeuser, Northwest Hardwoods, and direct from wood mills/dry kilns located in Alabama.

Website Pictures

It is very important to us that our customers and website visitors know that absolutely every single picture contained within this website is ours. Each and every one of these products including the kitchen cabinets, cabinet doors, drawer fronts, dovetailed drawers, etc., were manufactured by us in our facility. If there are any products on this website that you would like to purchase from us or have more information about, please just let us know. We have been in the cabinet business for over twenty years and we operate a custom cabinet, cabinet door, and cabinetry accessory manufacturing facility. None of the pictures on this website were borrowed or copied from our competitors. We are 100% capable of making almost anything out of wood that you can possibly dream up and if you have a picture of a cabinet or furniture piece that you really love and would like to have that exact piece made for you? Just send us a message here and let us know. We will be happy to quote and/or manufacture any cabinetry item, cabinet door, drawer front, mantel piece, etc., that your heart may desire.


Our door pricing remains some of the lowest in the industry due to many reasons. Because we operate as efficiently as possible and due to the fact that our labor costs in the south are greatly reduced from that of a northern based company, our prices continue to remain some of the lowest in this industry. We strive daily to produce the highest quality product possible while remaining one of the lowest priced cabinet door manufacturers in this business.

Online Ordering System

We now have a state-of-the-art online ordering system which greatly aides us in our production and order processing efficiency. As soon as the orders are processed into our system whether it be via our customers input online, or entered by our sales staff in our offices, the orders are immediately available for production on our plant floor. This system also aides us in inventory procurement of lumber and various other supplies which allow us to ensure that we always have wood and supplies "on-the-ready" for a customer order as soon as it arrives by efficiently maintaining our inventory minimums.

Shipping Our Products

We ship our cabinet door and cabinetry accessory products to all 51 states in the USA and Canada. Through our partnerships with Fed-Ex, R&L Carriers, AAA Transportation and delivery on our on trucks, we are able to provide our customers with the fastest delivery times possible. Our incredibly fast production times of 5 - 10 working days (production time varies depending on the product selected, such as custom finishing), and the incredibly fast shipment times our delivery services provide us with, we are able to deliver your product to you in a much shorter time frame than many of our competitors.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee that our work will be of the highest standards of quality and workmanship that is humanly possible. Based upon our past years of experience in this business and because of the very long list satisfied customers in our company's history, we know without a doubt you will be truly satisfied with any product that you purchase from us. We are in business today strictly because of our commitment to our customers and our willingness to "go the extra mile" to make our customers happy.*
We look forward to doing business with you or your company. Please contact us here and let us know how we can be of assistance to you.
* Please see our catalog/spec book for our full guarantee.